The constitutional court declared that the meetings should be held in Hyde parks

Meetings should be held in specially designated areas (Hyde parks), it follows from the decision of the constitutional court at the suit of three inhabitants of Samara, — Natalia Baranova, Alexander Kruglov and Damir Stalin. So, samarians wanted to hold a rally December 1, 2019 at the Kuibyshev square in the city centre. Two weeks before the expected date they have applied to the local administration. There they were refused. The authorities explained that the area is at a distance less than 150 meters from “educational institutions, professional educational organizations, hospitals, and buildings occupied by a religious organization.” The administration proposed to hold a rally in Hyde Park near the showroom Renault. The officials shared the Oktyabrsky district court of Samara, to change the decision in the appeal also failed. Then the samarians filed a complaint with the constitutional court. The plaintiffs pointed out that the administration’s refusal is unconstitutional as beyond the powers of the regions. For its part, the COP, citing Federal law “On rallies” noted that a public event, usually held in specially designated areas. It clarifies sue, the action elsewhere must be due to “objective reasons indicating the impossibility of the organization of the event in specially designated places.” So Hyde Park will be occupied in the scheduled date or space will be too small for the meeting. Another reason is the bond of the place of the meeting with the stated theme of the campaign. Thus, according to the court, the ban to hold rallies in 150 metres from hospitals, churches and schools, restricts the freedom of peaceful Assembly and beyond the constitutional powers of the subject.

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