The constitutional court in St. Petersburg, hung a banner about

On the Senate square in St. Petersburg, where is the constitutional court, the activists hung a banner with the slogan “Tsars in 1917 zeroed”. As reported in the St. Petersburg branch of the unregistered party “the Other Russia”, the organization enters for a boycott of the voting procedure for amendments to the Constitution.

“it is Naive to believe that oligarchic state, a country of inequality and injustice, will reform itself in dubious treatments. And is there sense in it? Duma and voted for all the amendments. As said by the CEC head, Ella Pamfilova, “the amendments to the Constitution already legitimate, as approved by all necessary entities.” However, the vanity of Caesar needs a national plebiscite, the mandate to govern by the common people. We in the circus did not intend to participate, and tens of millions of our fellow citizens”, — noted in party.

In the “Other Russia” has added that following the campaign, nobody was detained.

Recall that a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution was launched on 25 June. To Express an opinion outside the polling station — contactless at home, remotely and on location through the mechanism of “Mobile voter

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