The cords in verse replied to Patriarch Kirill, who asked not to believe in the wealth of the priests

the Singer Sergey Shnurov in verse answered the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, who asked not to trust the rumors about the wealth of priests. Verse frontman of the band “Leningrad” published online.

“On the hand watches for thousands

a Cross sticking out of a rolls Royce.

You are a layperson fear of God,

who will Attain the spirit of a beggar.

What you think manners

having Read stupid?

It’s all a matter of faith,

the Priest outside of the passions” — ironically said Cords and added, using a profanity, that the clergy still in the clink of coins.

“Honestly tells you the shepherd,

If no means no

Well, what else do you want?

the Car was rented, don’t worry.

did you find all the luxury,

it was Not his watch.

No, well, indeed, why is this?

Shabby took Peskov,” concluded the singer.

Earlier, the Patriarch refuted the statements about the “billions” and called “nonsense” words about his “wealth”. He noted that the attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church due to the fact that they say the right things, which many do not like.

Add media repeatedly wrote about the love of the Patriarch for expensive accessories. For example, recently he noticed the watch Ulysse Nardin worth over 16 thousand dollars. In November, 2019 at the meeting of the II Congress of the Society of Russian literature Cyril appeared in the Finnish sports Suunto BARO 9 Titanium cost 55 thousand 990 rubles. Perhaps the most resonant was the story of the “disappeared for hours” Cyril. So, in the picture for 2009, posted on the website of the Patriarchate, with the hands of a spiritual person disappeared expensive watch. This remained their reflection in the shiny surface of the table. And in metadata, image EXIF, noted bloggers, is the date of 31.03.2012, given that the news is dated 2009.