The coronavirus again postponed exercise testing

Exercises to ensure stability and security on the Internet, is scheduled for June 20, had to be postponed due to the coronavirus. As explained in the Ministry of communications, the epidemiological situation has not allowed to conduct training exercises.

the Ministry said, reports RIA “Novosti” that the exercise was postponed to a later date. The training will resume, given the situation at COVID-19.

Recall that in this year of the planned four exercises for practicing different types of threats — 20 March, 20 June, 20 September and 20 December. In March, the exercises were also delayed.

the Previous exercise was conducted at the end of December 2019. Then it became known that the results of the first nationwide exercise to ensure the stable operation of the Runet conditional attacker managed to successfully carry out 62.5% of attacks through the SS7 Protocol (the channel through which are transmitted the service team to connect subscribers to the telephone networks around the world) and 50% of attacks via the Diameter Protocol (one of the main protocols in networks 4G). The detection time of each attack averaged 2-3 minutes.

Later RBC with reference to its sources reported that during the installation of the equipment from several operators have experienced a problem. When testing in a number of cases it was observed a decrease in the rate of Internet traffic, also points to a fall of the signal level. Block Telegram failed because the messenger uses a proxy server with its own cryptographic Protocol to transfer encrypted signal. One of the operators recorded the incident, which led to the interruption of the provision of communication services to subscribers.

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