Hold your breath, listen to the wind, look at the make bend the thin flame on the Wind Series , which draws a single line of smoke, a maze of shadows and nooks where life is hanging by a thread. The surface of the very large format is flat as a stele, enigma fell from the sky like the monolith of Kubrick in 2001, a space Odyssey . And yet all the elements of nature seem to be invited, the grain, the dust, the leaf, its structure, its geometry.

there is the infinitely large and the infinitely small in Jitish Kallat who “look at the world, looking up at the sky, lowering towards the ground which supports us”. This man is meditative and deep, true and insightful, here, an emotional return to painting after five years of sobriety, and exploration of other mediums. Artist prodigy born in 1974 in Mumbai, it was revealed to be very young by his fusion of subtle cosmogony indian and imagery of american pop art. It is worth all the travel.

“Jitish Kallat: Phase Transition”, Galerie Templon 28, rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare (Iii). Tel.: 01 85 76 5 555. Opening hours: mar. sam., 10 h-19 h. Until march 9, 2019. Cat.: Ed. Prestel.