The court allowed

City court of St. Petersburg upheld the building permit of the residential complex “Live! In the Resort” which builds “SPb Renovation” in the Sand. It is reported the Decree of the city, speaking in court by the defendant.

the Ministry said that the plaintiffs have challenged the design documentation and argued that it does not meet the requirements of current legislation, despite the positive conclusion of the expert organization.

“the Lawsuit was sent to the court with material violation of the deadline for this category of cases. As a result, the construction was suspended and preserved. More than a year 700 investors were waiting for the verdict,” — said in the Decree.

According to the Agency, the court decision came into force, the construction of the facilities should be reopened.

Recall, the trial continues in March 2019. Residents complained about ischeznovenie water wells from construction and claimed that permission for the construction of the LCD “Live! In the Resort” issued illegally. In April last year the court has suspended construction. “SPb Renovation” has threatened the plaintiffs that would require residents of the losses for downtime.

February 19, Kuibyshev district court of St. Petersburg declared illegal the permission for the construction of five apartment houses in the residential “Live! In The Resort”.

Despite the requirement to suspend construction, the company, on the observations of local residents, continued to work on the object.

to Take the house “SPb Renovation” promises in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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