The court announced offensive correspondence with Sokolov murdered and dismembered them Yeshchenko

In St. Petersburg continues the process on the case of Oleg Sokolov, accused in the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko. The Prosecutor read out the fragments of correspondence pairs, the correspondent of “Rosbalt” with the broadcast of city court.

the lawyer of the victim families and the state Prosecutor asked to close the meeting to the audience and the media did not know the details of private life. Defender Sokolov asked about the openness of the process, this opinion is shared by the defendant.

“I insist that those few facts were presented to the public,” said the defendant.

the Judge agreed with him. During the announcement of the correspondence revealed the unpleasant aspects of relations Sokolov and Eschenko. She used language such as “bastard”, “bastard” and “scum” and wished death to the accused and unflattering comments about his family.

“Bitch, I hate you, hate you. <...> I hate you, you bastard, and your geeks. <...> Go away, I don’t love you anymore,” announced the Prosecutor fragments of correspondence.

it turned Out that the girl also accused in the beating Sokolova. The hearing continues.

Recall, according to investigators, Oleg Sokolov on the night of 8 November 2019 shot four times in Anastasia Yeshchenko with which they cohabited. The cause of the quarrel was mutual jealousy. The accused almost a day kept the corpse of the girl, then started its dismemberment and drowning in the Moika river. To hide traces of crime had failed.

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