The court established paternity decl

the fact of the fatherhood of Cyril Dolmatovo, which is also known as a singer Decl installed Basmanny court of the capital concerning mercury Anthony John Kiselyov. The boy was granted a pension for loss of breadwinner.

As explained in the court decl son recognized as the heir of the first stage, and the decision of GU PENSIONNOGO Fonda RF № 10 in Moscow and Moscow region about refusal in appointment of Kiselyov of pension for survivor’s illegal.

Now the son of Cyril Tolmatsky will receive the unpaid pension for loss of breadwinner from February 3, 2019, when mazant died from heart failure. State aid will be provided until they reach 23 years of age or until the moment when he completes full-time training.

Recall, incorrect widow of musician Julia Kiseleva documents became the reason for refusal of the pension Fund in the pension due to the loss. In order to restore justice, the child had to undergo genetic testing.

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