The court found guilty of Maslyaeva accountant, testified for Serebrennikov

petty-bourgeois court of Moscow on Tuesday found the former chief accountant “the Seventh Studio” Kirill Serebrennikov Director Nina Maslyaeva guilty in the case on embezzlement of budget funds.

the verdict of the judges said that “Maslyaeva committed the theft of funds allocated for the implementation of the theatre project “Platform”. Specific penalties will be known later, reports TASS.

it is Massieu were separated after she confessed and made a deal with the investigation.

the Prosecutor earlier demanded for Massieu two years and three months in prison, and also to release it from punishment in connection with the completion of this period at the investigation stage.

last week, the court sentenced the Director Kirill Serebrennikov to three years of imprisonment conditionally and to the penalty of 800 thousand rubles. Producer Alex Malopolski received two years probation, a former CEO of the Studio Yuri Itin to three years of probation. Director of Ramtha Sophia Apfelbaum released from punishment.

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