The court found guilty of Petersburgers, Garissa shashlyk on the Eternal flame in Kronstadt

Kronstadt court of St. Petersburg convicted of three St. Petersburg, which are fried skewers on the Eternal fire in Kronstadt. Details are told in the press service of the courts of the city.

the Lawyers of Anne of Kuharevo and Svetlana Graminei insisted that defendants have shown active repentance and gave truthful testimony. Moreover, Kukhareva made a charitable payment in the local historical Museum. In the end, the women got off with court fines at 15 thousand rubles. It’s not a sentence, giving rise to the conviction, and the measure of criminal legal character.

for More severe punishment appointed partner Nikolai Polikarpov. Unlike girlfriends, the criminal case against him was brought to an end. The man was sentenced to two years of restriction of freedom. Details unknown, but generally this measure involves a ban on travel outside of the municipality and to enter certain places.

Recall, the incident with the St. Petersburg occurred on the night of may 24. Defendants fried sausages on the Eternal fire in Crostate and filmed on camera. To take out the trash and leftover food they did not bother. The investigators qualified the picnic as the violation of bodies died and places of their burial.

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