The court found the journalist guilty Prokopieva to justify terrorism

the Second Western district military court at the meeting issued a guilty verdict in the case of the Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopieva, accused of justifying terrorism because of the analytical material about the causes of the terrorist attack at the entrance to the building of the FSB Department in Arkhangelsk.

As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the court found it proven guilty and awarded 500 thousand rubles fine. The court also ruled to confiscate the laptop of a journalist in favor of the state. Hall responded with cries of “Innocent” and “Shame.”

Lawyers said that they intend to appeal the verdict.

the Prosecutor Natalia Meleshina, recall, demanded to deprive of her freedom for six years and for four years be allowed to work in journalism.

In the hall there are leaders of the “Yabloko” and the famous Russian journalists.

Previously, the HRC criticized the prosecution in the case of Svetlana Prokopieva. It was called the absurd requirement of a huge criminal sentence for journalist “in the absence of crime structure”. In the presidential Council for human rights has accused the Pskov Prosecutor’s office of incompetence and expressed hope that the court will be more professional for the prosecution.

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