The court gave life sentence to the killer school girls from Adygeya

In Adygea, the court found 47-year-old Andrew Kournikova guilty in the murder of 16-year-old schoolgirl.

According to the UK Russia, on may 24 last year, a drunk Kurnikov on the banks of the Belaya river near Tannery street in the city met 16-year-old girl with a school satchel behind the back. He attacked her to rape her, but he did not. Realizing that the girl a good look at him, the man decided to kill her. He strangled the girl with a piece of fishing net, and then took her valuables, and he hid the body and covered with debris.

the Offender was calculated due to stolen phone: the offender did not throw it away, and began to use it. First, the suspect said that he found the gadget on the banks of the river, but the expert explained that the phone could not be a long time in those conditions reported by the helper.

the Verdict kournikova was sentenced to life imprisonment in a colony of special regime.

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