The court in the case of the historian Sokolov was postponed due to problems with the handling of his correspondence with the victim

the October regional court of Petersburg has postponed until July 6 the hearing on the case of historian Oleg Sokolov, accused in the murder of PhD student, SPSU Anastasia Yeshchenko. The process was postponed because of the miracles I could not decide in what format — open or closed — to consider the evidence.

As explained RBC were informed by the lawyer of the accused Sergey Lukyanov, talking about vestaka containing, including, correspondence Sokolov and Eschenko. The defense asked to consider the correspondence in the open mode, the charge — closed.

In the United a press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg information about the postponement of the trial confirmed.

earlier today at the trial of falcons is required to disclose the entire correspondence, without closing the process, and receive comments from the judge about the inadmissibility of such behavior. The court then decided to postpone the meeting to hear the views of the parties about which pieces of personal correspondence between Yeshchenko and Sokolov may be announced in the open part of the process. According to the Agency, we are talking about the video from a mobile phone, made a few hours before the murder, depicting the fight Sokolova and Eschenko.

the Ex-teacher of St. Petersburg state University is charged with murder and possession of weapons. According to investigators, the conflict with the girl occurred because of jealousy. The falcons shot her several times, dismembered the body and tried to hide traces of crime in the Sink, follows from the case materials.

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