The court overturned the arrest of an activist who refused to leave the polling station for voting on amendments to the Constitution

the St. Petersburg city court quashed the detention order on 10 days of the member wick № 1802 Paul Chuprunova, it was released in the courtroom. The decision to arrest a member of the “Open Russia” a few days ago issued by the district court for disobedience to the demand of a police officer at a polling station in a single day of voting on 1 July. On the progress of the case to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Paul Suprunov, who was arrested on July 22.

“the Evening of 1 July I asked the Chairman of the electoral Commission to show me the total information about the number of participated voters, that received ballots. He demanded to show him my test results for coronavirus. I refused, and then the commissioners voted for my expulsion from the Committee, but to leave the station, I refused, because the decision was illegal to suspend me could only court,” says Suprunov.

According to him, at the entrance to the site on 1 July, he checked the temperature, so no formal reason to demand a certificate of coronavirus were not. In addition, he was wearing a mask and gloves.

“the Federal law № 67 and the Procedure of voting on the approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation do not provide for mandatory testing of PEC members for the presence of coronavirus infection, and does not require them to provide any certificate about state of health”, — said the activist, noting that references other members of the Commission about the lack of infection he had ever seen.

the Evening of July 1, over the fact that the police took Chuprunova in the Department, where it drew up a report about insubordination to a lawful demand of the representative order. According to the activist, the text of the protocols was modified, “anticorrosiveness violations” of them were expelled.

“In General, there was a whole avalanche of documents showing the violations, and the judge had to cancel the decision about arrest”, — summed up activist.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that Chuprunov attracted the attention of Petersburgers the opposition pants down.

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