The court said, as

Oleg Sokolov almost a day after the murder of Anastasia Eschenko took home guests, although, according to investigators, the body at that time have not got rid of. Details of the soiree was announced in court, the counterpart of the defendant at the military-historical reconstruction Oleg Verbova.

According to him, then, at about 20:15 on 8 November, the defendant looked tired, but behaved correctly and was calm. Talking this afternoon only about the history.

“Sit down, opened, poured, shook hands, drank,” said Verbova.

According to him, the subject of Anastasia Yeshchenko in the evening, guests did not raise, even though he knew about the girl. So, the witness referred to the previous meeting in 2018.

“She’s starting to dictate: it’s not what it is not. It commands, commands, — mentioned in court Verbova. — Well, Oleg V., found the man who will command you”.

the Witness described defendant as a short-tempered, able to yell and mentioned the name of the historian — the “sire”. Commented colleague and scientific opponent Eugene Panasenkov, who said, “Sokolov vs negative”. Earlier, the lawyers insisted on the release of impact on the defendant “third parties”.

Dispersed the guests at 22:15. As follows from the materials of the case, 15 minutes later the defendant began the dismemberment of the corpse of his beloved.

Oleg Sokolov was charged with possession of weapons and murder Anastasia Yeshchenko with which they cohabited. According to investigators, shot the girl the defendant on the night of 8 November, and dismembered the body and tried to drown in the Sink — almost a day later. The traces of the crime was not possible to hide.

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