The CPS has developed recommendations on forums and exhibitions

CPS has developed recommendations on the forums, congresses and exhibitions in terms of the situation with coronavirus. The document is available on the Agency’s website.

Exhibition (the forum) can be opened on the basis of the recommendations of the regional state sanitary doctor. Visitors must measure the temperature in a contactless manner at the entrance, they must wear a medical mask and gloves and to observe social distance. Also in the room (on-site) the event should be carried out disinfection measures. For the exhibition recommended to register in advance online.

Routes of movement of people on site and their Seating arrangements in the halls must also take into account social distance in half-meter. In the premises it is necessary to use equipment for disinfection of air. Should be wet cleaning with antiseptics. In the toilets, it is recommended to set the dispensers with antiseptic.

catering and trade exhibitions is possible only in case if it will allow the regional authorities.

Recall that in late summer and autumn in Russia planned several exhibitions and forums, including the “Army 2020” in the Park “Patriot” in Moscow.

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