The CPS recommended to the theatres to abandon the mass scenes, and the audience were obliged to wear masks

Rospotrebnadzor has prepared recommendations for the operation of the theatres. So, according to the document, the audience will be admitted to a concert or a theatrical performance only in the presence of a protective mask. Sites are encouraged to provide visitors the opportunity to buy them on the spot. During performances and concerts would be prohibited from selling food, but you can buy water and drinks in industrial packaging. The recommendations of the CPS exclude performances with choral and crowd scenes. Musicians who play wind instruments, have rehearsals to observe a minimum distance of two meters. The distance between the playing strings, percussion or keyboard instruments must be at least 1.5 meters between the conductor and the orchestra — at least two meters at the rehearsal and at least 1.5 meters at the concert. The requirement that social distance does not apply to performers during a performance, but before the wind instruments are installed protective screens. Performers on wind instruments also will not be able to clear them by blowing. Wipe the tools you need disposable towels, and racks, panels, protective screens and other work surfaces to disinfect after the rehearsal or concert.

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