The CPS said the cherry helps to lose weight quickly

the stores began to appear fresh cherries. Experts of Rospotrebnadzora have told about the benefits and dangers of this fruit, and also shared her secrets on what to look at purchase.

Experts pointed out that cherry has balanced composition and low in calories.

“it is quite high for berries, vitamin C (consumption of 100 grams of fruit covers almost 20% of the daily requirement). Contains significant quantities in cherries potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron. The fiber content exceeds even cherries peaches and apricots. In red and Burgundy berry varieties more vitamin A and iron in the pink of vitamin C, white — less likely to cause allergies. Especially useful these berries people suffering from hypertension, anemia, constipation, as well as those who are watching their weight,” said the Agency.

In Rospotrebnadzor advised to prepare decoction of the stalks of cherries to brew for 8-10 stalks per Cup. This drink has a strong diuretic effect, removes from the body urea, and urate, is used for edema, gout, dropsy, kidney stones and uric acid diathesis, hypertension.

“the Stalk of the cherry is a great tool for quick weight loss, accelerating metabolism in the body and promotes rapid fat burning,” — said experts.

At the same time, if you just eat 300-400 grams of cherries, can begin diarrhea. In addition, the sweet varieties are not recommended in diabetes, and brightly colored fruits are dangerous for people with allergies.

Also cherries should not be eaten immediately after eating — this can cause gas and indigestion. People with gastritis acute type with increased acidity of the berry is generally contraindicated.

the CPS told how to choose cherries. The berries have good skin is clean, smooth with a glossy sheen, without dents and cracks. Myakobe firm and elastic.

it is Better if the cherries were preserved peduncle — when she’s not at the point of attachment to berry formed the “entrance gate” for dirt and germs.

the Matte surface or the absence of reflection say about the staleness of the product. If the cherries are soft to the touch, most likely, it is overripe or beginning to spoil.

Experts also note that it is important to wash the berries before eating.

“During the ripening of berries, they are plagued with many environmental factors — sun, rain and dust, gases, chemicals, insect larvae and a large number of microorganisms – causative agents of infectious diseases. While washing berries are washed with not only visible dirt, but also pesticides, left over from spraying the trees.

Eating unwashed cherries can be a cause of poisoning, and infectious diseases. Rotavirus infection, salmonellosis, helminthiasis especially dangerous in children,” — said in Rospotrebnadzor.

the Ministry added that buying cherries should be only in safe places and store in the fridge where it stays fresh for up to ten days.

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