The CPS told the Russians how to survive the heat

CPS has given advice to the inhabitants of the Russian regions, where he established abnormally hot weather. The main thing is to abstain from alcohol and eat less meat.

Also, according to the Agency, it is better to limit the stay on the street and to a minimum to reduce the physical load. Clothing is best to choose a light and natural fabrics, light, with a loose collar. The head covering a hat or sun umbrella, do not forget about sunglasses. During the day you can take a cool shower, regularly ventilate the home. Trip best saved for morning or evening.

Also recommended to reduce the calorie intake in the first place, to give up fatty, smoked and fried. Meat is better to choose fish and seafood, increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, but be sure to wash them before use clean high quality water. To eat best in the morning or evening, limiting food intake during the hottest time of the day.

in addition, it is necessary to drink more normal water, mineral water, fruit drinks, teas, decoctions of dried fruits, low-fat dairy drinks. Adults without kidney disease and cardiovascular system, you need to drink 1.5 l of fluid per day. Need to give up is soda and water with sugar, energy drinks and alcoholic beverages.

earlier, forecasters reported that this week almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation established anomalous heat.

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