The CPS told what not to do in the heat

In St. Petersburg and the region has warm weather. The regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor has prepared a memo for the prevention of overheating. Experts have told how to behave in the heat, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Experts pointed out that the high temperature as outside, and in confined areas, may adversely affect the health, especially the elderly people and children. Heat can cause aggravation of chronic diseases, and in some cases, to the overheating of the body.

CPS has identified five things not to do in hot weather: drink coffee, drink alcohol and smoke, exercise, eat sweets and salty, to wear clothes made of synthetic materials.

the Agency advises people to reduce physical activity to a minimum and limit exposure to the street. But if you still had to leave the house better dressed in light clothing made of natural fabrics and bright colors.

“it is Desirable that the gates of the clothes were not tight, on the street, be sure to use a hat (summer hat, Panama hat, scarf, etc.), sunglasses, umbrellas”, — experts noted.

the room they recommend to open the Windows, turn the fans on.

Also in the CPS told how to eat in the heat and what foods to eliminate from the diet.

“the energy Demand in hot weather is reduced, therefore, the body requires less calories summer food. In the hottest period of time is necessary to refuse from fatty foods and meat consumption reduced to a minimum, it is best to replace fish or seafood. There should be reduction in the amount smoked, fried, and perishable food products.

meals should be avoided during the hottest time of the day and move them to the morning and evening,” — said the expert.

To prevent dehydration, they recommend drink plenty of fluids — up to 1.5 liters per day. It can be tea, mineral water, juice, and fortified milk drinks with low fat, decoctions of dried fruits. Should avoid consumption of soft drinks and liquids with high sugar content, energy and alcohol.

To support immune health experts suggest eating fruits and vegetables. In addition, during the day, the possible need to take a cool shower.

Earlier, the doctor told why it is dangerous in the heat to put on children too warm clothes.

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