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The crazy challenge of Roberto Alagna : sing Carmen in front of 55,000 people at the Stade de France


Carmen , the masterpiece by Bizet, will be played in the stage version at the Stade de France, with Roberto Alagna as headliners. On the occasion of a single date, September 19, 2020, the famous tenor will make his first appearance in the mythical. This will be the eighth time that the stage is configured to 55.000 seats for the occasion – will host a production of the opera. At a conference on the sidelines of the event, the tenor of the franco-Italian said: “I am an advocate of opera as a popular art, no matter what you say. If one happens to touch the multitude in a football stadium, we’ve won”.

As of 2005, based on the songs of Luis Mariano, Roberto Alagna, had begun an opening in the universe still confined to classical music. The pianist, arranger and conductor Yvan Cassar had hailed this bold in the columns of the Figaro : “It has been proven that an opera singer could melt into another universe, meet a different audience while remaining in some form of tradition and elegance”.

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According to the tenor, the classical music still suffers from many misconceptions. “There are still shots of the opera house, that it is elitist and expensive,” he laments. “But today, there has never been as many events opera and opera festivals in the world; it is necessary that the spectators be a first step”, adds the singer born in Clichy-sous-Bois.

On September 19, 2020, he will sing the role of Don José, a brigadier-lover of Carmen. The famous gypsy will be embodied by the mezzo-soprano French Béatrice Uria-Monzon. Aleksandra Kurzak, another big name on the operatic stage, and also wife of Alagna, will perform the character of Micaëla. The staging, which will employ 300 artists on stage front and 500 costumes, is signed by Charles Roubaud. This regular at the Stade de France is already mounted Nabucco and Aida .

After thirty years of career, very different roles and bold mixtures of genres, Roberto Alagna never ceases to amaze. “If I weren’t a singer, I would have loved to be an athlete”, we admitted it in an interview in 2016. With this concert at the Stade de France, which has hosted some memorable sporting moments, the tenor will be in some way answered.

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