The Creator of a public

Dorogomilovsky district court of Moscow has left under arrest of the Creator of a public “Ombudsman police” Vladimir Vorontsov to the case of extortion. It is reported AGN “Moscow”.

“the Court decided to extend the period of detention”, — announced the judge Julia Rudakova.

Vorontsov sent to custody till November 6.

Earlier it was reported that in respect of Vorontsov initiated four criminal cases under articles “Extortion” (article 163 of the criminal code) and “Illegal circulation of pornographic material” (article 242 of the criminal code). Two episodes are associated with an ex-COP whose Vorontsov, according to the investigation, demanded 300 thousand roubles, and whose alleged Nude photos then published on the Internet. On two episodes, according to the investigation, Vorontsov extorted 30 thousand rubles one woman for publikaciju video, and photos of “pornographic” the second woman placed in the network.

Later, the lawyer Sergei adamsin said that against Vorontsov initiated seven criminal cases. The defender pointed out that we are talking about two cases of extortion, two on illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in obscene material, one libel case and two of insulting the authorities.