The Crimean public men told about the sewage-drenched beaches of the Black sea

In Koktebel and Feodosiya in the Crimea the beaches are flooded with sewage, water contaminated with sewage, says MC with reference to the publication of a local public activist Oleksandr Talipova.

Cause of pollution is that sewage treatment plants in settlements designed for a certain amount of waste, obsolete and cannot cope with the load during the tourist season.

the publication Talipova it is seen that in sarazena flows of sewage of the sea people bathe. According to the public man, the residents and guests of Crimea rotavirus at greater risk than coronavirus infection.

In turn, the head of the Crimean public organization “Ecology and world” Artem Arts said that the perpetrators of ongoing pollution are the owners of private guest houses that are not connected to the Sewerage system. According to him, the sewage of these houses merge into the beaches and in the sea in a storm drain.

the Community members to advise tourists to choose to stay wild beaches away from settlements to avoid the threat of infectious diseases.

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