When his shadow is cut at the bottom of the stage, the roar is huge. Robert Smith comes forward timidly while his musicians will take place. The singer, himself, takes his time. He walks slowly up to the edge of the precipice. Stops. Looking at the crowd, her eyes still blackened by kohl. Three not. It starts all over again. Magnetic. His gestures while modesty impose gradually the silence. He asks gently hand on his cheek, if touches the neck. A frightened child who has just celebrated his 60 years. At the heart of the pit, where the famous ravens, these fans look gothic, are now very rare, we feel the shudder that runs through the crowd feverish.

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The sound of heavy bass-Simon Gallup, the ever lasting friend of the charismatic singer, tears then silence. The fans look at each other. They understood that the next moment will be unforgettable. The voice indulgence of Robert Smith, the accords planants, texts dark, depressive. It is not a question of love tormented, separation heart-wrenching. Forty years of concerts, and the great “Bob”, as nicknamed with affection her most ardent admirers, still manages to preserve the spleen. Heartfelt emotion transcends its interpretations. The album Disintegration – which, for the 30 years of its release had had the honour of a series of concerts that magical few months ago at the Sydney Opera house, begins the show with Plainsong and Pictures of you . Like so many complaints.

But, advancing age, the presence of Robert Smith is less cathartic. He sketches a dance that is awkward to snatch a smile to his audience. Sharing a rare symbiosis with the musicians, smiles even. Serenity new interview at more closely in the remarkable film-concert of Tim Pope, shot a year ago in Hyde Park for 40 years of the band. An ounce of lightness that does not impede the effectiveness. The drummer Jason Cooper says always as fast despair. The agreements of Simon Gallup is still as deep.

The magic began. Always operates. The madness wins. The solo guitar of Reeves Gabrels (ex-musician of David Bowie) are enchanting. Simon Gallup is running everywhere, perching on the speakers. Rock n roll Attitude. The fire wins with the final Push . Thousands of hands rise up towards the starry sky for snapping in rhythm. The setlist panics. In Between Days , the twelfth title of this intense communion between a group of now legendary and his audience, causing the explosion. The crowd wavers, singing, dancing, shouting his pleasure. On Play for Today , 35.000 voices play the chorus. “Oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh”. The sound becomes more dense, more rock, more strong (sometimes a little too much, the amps distort the guitars on the two or three titles, ripping off the grimaces of pain on the face of Robert Smith). But the intensity still goes up, always. One has the impression that the neighbor was also a dust in the eye during the lengthy and powerful version of From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea . And the intro is instantly recognisable from all of A Forest hits the breasts. Before an interpretation of Disintegration which will be a date.

Robert Smith, happy, forgot his legendary shyness to converse with an audience of Rock en Seine to the angels. DEGEMER Photos

Nearly two hours that the Cure embody their universe both dark and absurd, melancholic and furious. But this is not yet finished. Visibly happy to be there, Robert Smith returns for an encore where he let loose his guitar and, microphone in hand, comes closer to the public. Friday I m in Love , Close to Me , Why Can t I Be you . He summoned his success pop, the bears finally even if it the place with a touch of irony and a few mimics history to say that “it is not serious”. He sketch a few dance steps hesitant, which makes all their charm. All its charm. Robert Smith even forgets his legendary shyness to converse with his audience, now a mix of generations, the old guard hooked for the last three or four decades, but also younger fans present in numbers.

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When he sings Boy s don t cry , it is understood that the hour of separation is come. In the front row, shaking a little more, story of pushing back the sadness that tip. “I tried to laugh about it, Hiding the tears in my eyes.” Robert Smith is as emotional as his fans. It retains the chorus. Extends the time. 2h20 concert, 27 titles. He would like to do more, as every time. But entrust it with a tone of regret, he does not have the right. We made him understand that the intermittent French were not happy with the extra hours’. Then, everything stops. Her musicians leave the stage. It remains alone. Walk again to feed on the recognition that it has had over its fans. Took his time to enjoy, displays his disbelief and gratitude in the face of so much passion, forty years after. An intimate moment to end a performance shift.