The facts would have taken place in the night from 15 to 16 January. After Closer, in the course of an evening in a nightclub located in the vicinity of the Champs Elysées, the singer Chris Brown reportedly met with several young women. He would then be invited to accompany him in his suite at the Mandarin Oriental, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, before finding himself alone with one of them, aged twenty-four years. The ex Rihanna is accused of having violated the latter. In the statement she made to police, the young woman was also a friend of Chris Brown and his bodyguard have them also sexually abused her. He was taken into custody on Monday, January 21 in the morning by the judicial police of Paris.

This custody, also for “violation of the legislation on narcotic drugs”, was lifted Tuesday evening, and the singer will not be prosecuted at this stage, said the prosecutor’s office in Paris. The prosecutor stated that the investigation continued, under his authority. In a reaction to the AFP, Me Raphaël Chiche, attorney for Chris Brown said that his client “objects strenuously to his innocence” and asked him of a complaint “because of the slander of which he is unjustly the object”.

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This is not the first time that the rapper is in the midst of a court case. In may of last year, according to the New York Times, the star aged twenty-nine years ago is found mixed up with another case of rape after a complaint has been filed with the american police. In 2017, a “young adult” would have been held against her will in the home of Chris Brown during a night where she was pushed to go after he confiscated his phone. A friend of the singer, the rapper, Lowell Grissom, and a woman nicknamed “Doe X” would be raped repeatedly. If Brown is not directly accused of rape, the young woman accuses him of having bought cocaine, molly (variant of ecstasy) and other drugs to its guests, urging them to have fun. She also had met the star in a nightclub.

In respect of the case of paris, for the moment, neither Chris Brown nor his agency have not commented on the new allegations against him. Subsequent to the filing of the complaint, the public prosecutor of Paris opened an investigation of fragrance. Is qualified crime or offense of a flagrant any crime or offense that is committed or just commit. The judicial police is now in charge of the investigation, limited to eight days, in accordance with the law. If further investigations are found to be necessary, it will be possible to add a delay of a further eight days.

In France, the aggravated rape is a crime punishable by twenty years imprisonment.