The Czech expert has called the most appropriate way of wearing a protective mask

Protective mask can take a long time, and perhaps forever, remain an integral part of people’s lives. As RIA “Novosti”, one of the leading epidemiologists of Czech Republic, the coordinator of the working group of the Ministry of health on the abolition of pandemic measures Rastislav Hungarians believes that it may be equally essential as keys or a smartphone.

Magyar notes that his coleege in solidarity with them.

He said that in the Czech Republic the compulsory wearing of masks was introduced March 18. Since this measure was weakened, and now the mask is only necessary in public places and transport, as well as by close contact with other people. However, many people ignore wearing the mask, considering the period of the pandemic is already passed stage.

However, the notes of the Magyars, public transport continues to be a risk. “The coronavirus has not disappeared, and might be a very long time to disappear. It is therefore necessary to protect themselves, first of all, those who do not feel fully healthy and may infect others,” he said.

Magyar noted that the most appropriate way of wearing the mask is its permanent location in the area of the chin or the throat, so when meeting strangers or visiting places that it can be quickly pulled over the face, covering the mouth and nose.

Epidemiolog stressed that the transfer of infection from infected person can occur even during a short meeting, if he has a runny nose or cough and do not use the mask.

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