In life, Lisa Martino is an actor. But the dance, that is its radius. She shared the dormitory of the Marie-Agnès Gillot in Nanterre and worn her shoes in the second division when Aurélie Dupont was working on first. During Raymond Franchetti, she took her bar with Roland Petit in front of her, and Florence Clerc behind.

“Pierre Lacotte I was involved in the Ballets de Monte-Carlo that he ran at the time and I was getting ready to leave when I was offered the film. I chose a career as an actress, but I care for the dance the love of the first days,” she said. And the energy and determination of our dancers, eye on the alert, and walk perky.

today, with a pellet remarkable, without subsidy, without assistance of any kind, and with the mission to present a balance sheet to balance, she mounts a festival of dance at the Théâtre de Paris. In the month of June, when the actors are deserting the scenes. The Theatre in Paris is wide, and 10.5 feet opening on 12 deep. The room, which seated 1,300 people in theatre style, can accommodate 1, 000 for the dance.

“We remove the first row where the spectators don’t see the feet of the dancers,” says Lisa. Last year, for the first edition of his festival, Lisa was invited to Eleonora Abbagnato and Benjamin Pech for a master class and allowed Paris to discover the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Rami Be’er, recovery this year from 21 to 23 June because of success.

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The second edition is more consistent. The programming does not prompt that shows, it mixes the sides scenes and festive. Monday, June 3, Laurent Hilaire, star, sweetheart of Nureyev, comes from Moscow, where he directs the Theatre Stanislavsky, with two of its stars to give a master-class from the public on the sayings of the white swan and the black swan in the version Bourmeister, “one in which it has been named a star,” says Lisa Martino. “When we love dancing, we always want to understand what there is to read behind each movement. At the end of this master class, accompanied by a pianist, the two stars will be dancing to the adage of the white swan with a soundtrack of orchestral guise.”

Battle classic

From 13 to 16 June, the Stars of American Ballet will play against The Italian Opera of Paris. The group of Daniel Ulbricht, principal dancer the New York City Ballet, against Alessio Carbone – the latter also includes Bianca Scudamore, who is australian, and Paul Mark, quite French, but also the star’s Valentine Colasante.

All will dance the pas de deux classic, signed of the big names in american for the troops of New York (Balanchine, Wheeldon, Johan Kobborg, etc.) and names that are anchored in the French repertoire for The Italians in Paris (Jacques Garnier, José Martinez, Mauro Bigonzetti). Before competing in a battle combining the great figures of the classic. Finally, Petia Iourtchenko will give a master class on gypsy dance, June 17, followed by a Russian meal served in the lobby of the theatre. Na zdorovie!

Paris Dance 2019, Theatre de Paris, 15, rue Blanche (IXe). Tel.: 01 48 74 25 37. Dates: from 3 to 23 June. Places: from 18 to 58 € and 10 € for under 26 years of age.