could he really put a beating to Muhammad Ali, as he argues in Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood ? In the ninth film of Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Lee, portrayed by actor Mike Moh, is portrayed as a boastful, self-obsessed. An image that was strongly resented by his daughter, Shannon Lee. When asked by The Warp , the actress of 50 years is said to be “hurt” to see his father described him as “an arrogant asshole who hoards the wind”. A “caricature,” she says.

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When a sequence of the film, Cliff Booth, the character played by Brad Pitt, met the actor of Operation Dragon on the turning of the Hornet green . This last, a bit arrogant, claims to be able to Cassius Clay (Mohamed Ali, editor’s NOTE) a “cripple”. After an exchange of heated, the two men came to blows in a sequence meant to provoke laughter in the viewer.

“to See all the people laughing at my dad in the cinema put me ill at ease, said Shannon Lee. I understand that they want to make the character Brad Pitt is a badass capable of putting a beating on Bruce Lee. But, they did not need to treat it the way it was treated by the Hollywood white when he was still alive.”

According to her, the actor died at the age of 32 has had to work harder than the characters played by Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio to succeed to make a mark in a Hollywood plagued by racism.” “It does not appear as someone who has had to fight three times more than all the world to accomplish what was given to others”, she said.

Shannon Lee continues to maintain the legend of his father through multiple initiatives (web site, podcast, and an association). “I try to educate people about the way in which Bruce Lee lived his life and what kind of person he was, she explained. All these efforts were reduced to nothing by this portrait that sums up my father as a punching bag arrogant.”