The daughter of Leonid Gaidai about the death of Aksenova: Leaving a generation of great actors

.O. Gaidai, the daughter of the famous Director Leonid Gaidai, who worked with the late Michael Kokshenova on the creation of a number of Soviet films, commented on the death of the actor.

According to her, Kokshenov was a private guest in their home. In an interview with “Fifth channel” Gaidai called Aksenova “a wonderful actor”. “It is a pity, of course. Always a pity when good takes generations of such fine actors”, she added.

people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Kokshenov died June 5 at the age of 83 years. According to media reports, he died as a result of a serious illness. It was also reported that he suffered from cancer and was in a rehabilitation center in Moscow region.

According to other sources, the actor died from complications caused by a coronavirus.

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