The daughter of Michael Ephraim decided not to help suffering from alcoholism mother

the Daughter of Michael Efremova Anna Maria commented on an interview that her mother Kseniya Kachalina gave on the eve of one of the major publications.

it Kachalina said Anna Maria doesn’t listen to anyone after the death of his grandmother Alla Pokrovskaya, and Efremov it is very good. Ex-wife of the actor believes that we should not take seriously the words of Anna Maria, said earlier plans to send his heavily drinking mother in a psychiatric hospital.

“Anna Maria — my dear, beautiful creature. Anna Maria was born very beautiful. Misha’s daughter. Although she loves more than me,” said Kachalina, according to “StarHit”.

In response to these words of the daughter of Ephraim in his Twitter wrote that “sooner sincerely wanted to help mother.” “Despite what she did to me in childhood. Saved up money, tried to persuade the father had planned, saying, rehabilitation, hospital, psychiatry — all business,” wrote Anna Maria. Meanwhile, after his mother, as she admitted, she “realized one important thing — Oh Fig”.

media reported that the mother of Anna Maria for many years leads a solitary life, not working and suffering from alcoholism. It was noted that after the accident with the participation of Ephraim his daughter make a custody suffering from alcoholism mother.

we Remind that on June 8, Mikhail Efremov in a state of alcoholic intoxication on his jeep crashed into the opposite lane in the car delivery. The driver of the minivan, Sergey Zakharov died from injuries in hospital.

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