The day of the trade: unity grocery retailers

Unusual flash mob this year decided to celebrate their professional holiday, day of the worker of trade, the largest retail network in Russia.

on this day, X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Lenta and “Azbuka Vkusa” exchanged their uniforms for their employees. Today at the cash shops Pyaterochka in St. Petersburg buyers will meet staff in the form of “Azbuka Vkusa”, “Crossroads”, and in the cooking Department “Tape” work sellers in the form of “Magnet”, “Pyaterochka”” and other major retail chains. The action takes place in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar.

As noted by the retailers themselves, so they wanted to show that despite competition, they all make common cause and work for the benefit of trade development in Russia, taking care that the consumer received a variety of quality products at affordable prices.

And in their work they have succeeded, because trade is one of the main branches forming the Russian economy: the industry accounts for almost 15% of GDP and more than 10% of tax deductions. By the way, grocery stores rank first among the most visited institutions. The Russians go for the products not less than use public transport.

“For 30 years trading from stalls and spontaneous markets have evolved in modern retailing, a giant industry with advanced technologies and unique IT solutions. Depending on the demand, the preferences of consumers and fighting for each of his buyer, a trade network developed, expanded. Exchange of uniform — as a gesture of friendship of the players after the match, when they change shirts with the other team, as a symbol of the fact that rivalry within the industry is a business, and a fair game between equal partners, and customer care is our most important priority,” said the Chairman of the ACORT Presidium, Sergey Belyakov.

Day RAof employee trade marks not only in Russia but in other CIS countries. So, Belarus and Ukraine, it falls on the last Sunday of July. Then celebrated it in the Soviet Union, but in 1988 it was moved to the third Sunday in March. In 2013 according to the decree of the President of Russia Day of trade workers celebrated again in July, only to you it falls on the 4 Saturday of the month.

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