This is Mesguich as himself. And, in a way, it’s fun to see the spectacle of a man true to himself, right in his boots of ex-director in the world of fashion, with its pleasing aesthetics, its such a special way to search the texts through the grid of psychoanalysis, his direction of actors with the chalk line. And Daniel Mesguich is never so much itself as when it has the means to live and financial.

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that is to say, The Death of Agrippina at the Déjazet is a great success: it is beautiful, it is beautifully representative of its art, fully led with lighting and costumes are superb and the actors who are all of extreme quality. If you’ve never seen a show Mesguich, rush you, it is a dinosaur, as all dinosaurs, it is condemned to disappear.

Beautiful but boring It is fully done with the lighting and the costumes were great and actors that are all of extremely high quality. Chantal Depagne/Palazon 2018

Now – and this is where the rub – he’s going up the piece of Cyrano de Bergerac, exactly as he climbs Shakespeare or even Marivaux, with its own obsessions. As to the belle époque, it is Mesguich that account, the author is only a pretext to his desires of the director. It is even a caricature! There, he pushed his approach to brechtian until the end in summarizing his voice splendid actor inhabited each scene before it happens. The “songs” of Mesguich in any way!

Without a doubt knows it well too, considering the treatment he subjected it to the room, that person can’t understand the story if he does not give himself an explanation. This is all to say, of the little confidence that he is doing the work for it to mount. As it is interesting, this piece tells the story of the attempt of revenge, and the death of the widow of the great Germanicus, who could have become a magnificent emperor of Rome. There are very beautiful verses: “Was I unhappy, when I was not? / A time after death, our soul fainted / Is what it was an hour before the life,” says Séjanus, sentenced to die.

But now, it is always easier to make “mesguicheries” rather than dive really dirty from the work of a playwright hard. The author Cyrano, without doubt, is not Root or the same Crow, but his piece would have deserved to be showcased in all its dimensions. Here, we slamming to respecting the twelve feet as with a repeater in a course old-fashioned drama. It is beautiful, but boring since it is not human. The characters are archetypes exaggerated to the single service of the stage. It is okay to be true to yourself, but it is short.

The Death of Agrippina, at the Théâtre Déjazet 41, boulevard du Temple (Iiird). Tel.: 01 48 87 52 55. Hours: of the mar. at the sam. at 20: 45. Until , April 20. Seating: of 16 to 39 €.