TV Presenter and former presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak criticized the video in which producer Yana Rudkovskaya and her husband Evgeny Plushenko talking about the importance of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

the movie star parents and their son Sasha, nicknamed Dwarf Gnomic look at the map compare the size of Russia with the size of European countries, emphasizing the greatness of the homeland.

Sobchak in the second video also decided to go geography and to recall that for most of the Russian stars of the small country of Monaco is also almost native.

Also, the presenter saw on the map the Mariana trench, that is, the “very deep bottom”, in which “lives Yana Rudkovskaya”.

“This is Luxembourg, Andorra… this is Monaco. But Monaco is also the native land”, — says Sobchak in his video.

She also said in the caption to the video, what political campaigning is the use of children is forbidden by law, but this did not prevent the son Rudkovskaya to be “in thrall to big politics.”

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