The defense Minister of Greece said

the head of the Ministry of national defense of Greece Nikolaos Panayotopoulos during a video meeting of NATO defence Ministers stated that “the threat of use of force by NATO ally”, reports “Interfax”.

According to Panayotopoulos, this “unheard of conduct” adversely affects the cohesion of the Alliance. The corresponding message was published by the press service of the defense Ministry after the teleconference, held on June 17.

the report notes that the Minister has told colleagues about the “threat of force ship allies against other allied ships,” noting that the incident occurred in the Mediterranean sea last week.

At the same time the Agency is not called the country in question. However, we know that last week the ship of the Turkish Navy was not allowed to conduct an inspection of the vessel, which was heading to the coast of Libya. To conduct an inspection like the European military, who are involved in the operation IRINI monitoring the arms embargo against Libya. Supervises the operation of the Greek military.

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