The defense Ministry confirmed the death of the crew of the helicopter Mi-8 on Chukotka

the Russian defense Ministry confirmed the death of the crew of a military transport helicopter Mi-8 on Chukotka after a hard landing. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to office.

the Preliminary cause of the accident the Agency calls a technical malfunction.

the incident occurred while performing a training flight in the terminal area “Coal mine” (Chukchi Autonomous district).

As reported TASS, the head of the Anadyr district of Chukotka Sergey Savchenko, the tragedy happened “during the test after repair”. He said that after landing the helicopter caught fire, “four dead soldiers”.

This is not the first proisshestvie with the Mi-8 helicopter last week. On 19 may, the crew of a military helicopter Mi-8 of three persons died in the Commission of a hard landing in the Klin district of the Moscow region. A criminal case was instituted under article 351 of the criminal code (violation of flight rules, which entailed grave consequences).

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