The demand for tourism in Russia significantly fell

Pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed to fight the disease, led to the fact that the demand for tourism in Russia fell compared to the previous year 10 times. This was stated today at the briefing, Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.

“At the moment we see that June is a real, paid demand, probably, ten times less than in the same period last year”, — quotes RBC of the expert.

However, she said, such a situation is not unexpected because no one thought that in conditions when in many regions of Russia still have strict restrictions for newcomers, will happen, “the sudden rise of the demand.”

Earlier Wednesday, the head of the Federal Agency for tourism of sarin doguzova said in an interview with RBC that the losses that the Russian tourist industry suffered due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, will not be able to “catch up” before the end of next year.

She estimated the loss of the tourist industry in the first half of 2020, 1.5 trillion rubles. “God willing, by the end of next year we these losses will catch up. It will have a very rapidly growing, innovative solutions, including terms of inbound tourist flow”, — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

she’d given to understand that the loss estimate industry-1.5 trillion rubles — this is only the estimated amount, in reality losses may be greater.

we will Remind, on the eve of the General Director of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) Svetlana Cumshewa encouraged the inclusion of measures to support the tourism industry in the national recovery plan of the Russian economy. “It is important that the national plan was spelled out clear and transparent rules of interaction and cooperation”, — said the expert Agency TASS, adding that proposals for the development of roadside tourism e.g.aulani to the government.

At the same time Cumshewa predicts that the tourism industry will be one of the perspective on the background of the situation with the pandemic coronavirus, as the “demand for domestic tourism will now grow.”

Meanwhile Rosturizm hopes that from 1 July the Russians will be able to travel around the country in the observance of safety measures and precautions. About this doguzova announced on June 9 in the online appeal.

“We understand that June will go to soft start and preparation for the launch of the holiday season, starting from 1 July. Of course, much will depend on the epidemiological situation in each region, but we will do our best”, — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

She recalled that on June 1 began the first stage of the hospitality and tourism industries from restrictive measures in the regions began to open hotels and resorts.

Before that, press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Turina said to “Interfax” that the restoration of tourism in Russia will interfere with the restrictions related to the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, and prices for tours around the country can jump in 1,5-2 times.

let’s Add that the Russian economy in February—March 2020 was under the powerful impact of two negative factors — the rapid spread of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 and its deleterious effect on the global economy and collapse in oil prices. Against this background, the rouble significantly depreciated against the dollar and the Euro. Reacting to the situation, the government and the Bank of Russia adopted several packages of measures to support the economy and citizens.

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