The Department of health of Moscow explained the situation to the clinical hospital No. 4

Upon the publication of “Moscow can lose the fourth city hospital” Department of health capital explained the situation.

In particular, some of the buildings of the clinical hospital No. 4 were in critical condition several times, the CPS have issued regulations specifying the observations to eliminate that without complete closure of the buildings would be impossible.

the Current architectural-planning decisions of buildings and premises surgical services do not provide optimal conditions for the diagnostic and treatment process, ventilation systems are outdated and do not function in the multi-chamber enclosures from six to nine, do not meet the standards of space per patient, and the walls, ceilings, floors have defects and leaks.

the deficiencies would require the complete closure of the buildings and examination. In the end, the main doctor of city clinical hospital No. 4 appealed to the leadership of the Department in order to preserve a unique group of departments. It was decided to give the team offices just renovated housing GKB Yudina for the creation of a Centre of professional competences for surgical patients, to develop unique technologies that were used in the offices of the clinical hospital No. 4 in treatment of patients with any injury of the upper extremity.

All of the employees offered to continue working in leading multidisciplinary hospitals of Moscow, with the full strength of their teams and current professional status.

the Teams of the departments of purulent, clean surgery and hand trauma as a whole has moved into a new Center for specialized surgical care, which opened on the basis of GKB them. S. S. Yudin. Our main specialty is surgery and traumatology of the hand and shoulder. Employees of the Department of surgical treatment of complex heart rhythm disorders and pacing, as well as a clinical-diagnostic unit at full strength went to work in GKB them. V. M. Buyanova.