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The deputies approved the new Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg

The deputies approved the new Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg

the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly to the position of the 12th Vice-Governor of the city, which will coordinate the actions of the Committee on youth policy, approved Alexander Belsky.

the New Vice-Governor in the legislative Assembly was presented by the Governor Alexander Beglov. He noted that Belsky is a great professional experience: almost five years he was the head of MO city Sestroretsk, and from January 2019, Chairman of the Committee territorial development of St. Petersburg.

“Alexander Belsky also successfully coordinated the work of departments during a pandemic, monitoring of consumer market and monitoring the treatment of patients COVID-19 in the form of light,” said Beglov.

Deputies Maxim Reznik, Boris Vishnevsky and asked the new Vice-Governor of the questions about forcing state employees to participate in the vote and the reaction of police of the city to the picket lines, but the bielskis evaded the answer, saying that has nothing to do with these issues.

“This purpose — thanks for the good work lately. And I think, gratitude for a crime organization that decent people call cheating-oboles. Bielsko — one of the organizers of this crime in St. Petersburg. We all know about 65% drawn “parole” in our city”, — said the Deputy Maxim Reznik.

For the candidate voted for 37 deputies, against — 10.

earlier, a separate curator of the youth policy, the Vice-Governor in St. Petersburg did not exist.

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