The Deputy and the patriot Vyacheslav Fetisov thanked God for the fact that his daughter is studying in USA

The double Olympic champion on hockey, the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Vyacheslav Fetisov in an interview with Deutsche Welle told how he returned to Russia from the US at the request of President Vladimir Putin, and also explained who are considered patriots. “When the President called in Russia, I am 13 years of living in America. He said, “Glory, I need you. Need to pick up the sport, to create a system to restore Russia’s credibility in the world.“ I was doing it, I did it. Everyone knew that I had come to Russia after 13 years in the United States,” — said the Deputy. He added that, returning to Russia and becoming an officer, handed over a green card to the us Embassy and closed all the accounts abroad, because under Russian law they could not have. “I say, “wow, your daughter is studying in America.” And thank God that she is studying in America, will get education which is competitive. She has her own life, she’s an adult,” said Fetisov, adding that “it happened by fate”. Note that the 28-year-old daughter Anastasia Fetisov was born in new York, she is a citizen of Russia and the USA. Anastasia graduated from new York University film and become a Director. “Where is the patriotism? She wants to live there, born there, – said Fetisov. Patriot is not someone who lives here, without going anywhere, and the one who thinks about the country and how to do better.”

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