The Deputy asked the Governor of Petersburg to eliminate the

the Deputy of Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky has written to the Governor of St. Petersburg requesting to deal with the situation on the street Rubinstein. The MP said that he received complaints from residents whose lives were “like hell” because of the numerous bars and restaurants.

“the Last days of life of citizens living there much like hell. After two months of relative calm almost every night, residents are not allowed to sleep visitors of mass parties, night bar occupied (officially, they can only trade orders on the go, but these regulations have long discarded),” — writes in sietech the Deputy.

Residents said about music not being able to sleep at night, the cries of drunken visitors of bars.

According to the Deputy, calling the police helped only for a while. “After a police RAID, all returned to normal,” said Wisniewski.

the MP believes that the current situation cannot be considered normal.

“I support the work of normal and civilized business operating in the catering sector, including on the street Rubinstein. And I know the example is absolutely peaceful coexistence of people and organizations catering to the street. But does not recognize as normal the situation described above, when creating unbearable conditions for the citizens, permanently residing on the “restaurant street”. And it goes on for years,” added Wisniewski.

He asked Beglov to take action and to ensure public order on Rubinstein.

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