The Deputy asks the public Prosecutor and the police to understand the situation with the attack on the journalist on selective area

Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky sent a request to the Prosecutor of the city Sergey Litvinenko and head of the MIA of the Russian Federation Roman Pluginu. He asked to deal with the incident at polling station No. 2191, where there was an attack on the journalist of “media zones” David Frenkel. The MP requires to conduct a prompt inspection and to make arrangements.

“on 30 June 202 in 15 hours at the polling station No. 2191 (the Fontanka river embankment, 22), a police officer with the number 009175 attacked the journalist of the edition “the Media” David Frenkel and together with an unidentified “observer” broke his arm. At the moment David Frankel is in the hospital. Injuries reported. There is abundant evidence of the incident, photos and videos”, — reads the statement of the Deputy.

Wisniewski said that the current legislation does not provide police law in the process of nationwide voting on amendments to the Constitution to remove the journalist from the polling stations, especially by violence.

“I Believe that the actions of a police officer, there are signs of a crime under part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code — exceeding official powers with application of violence,” he added.

He asked Litvinenko and Plugin to report the action taken.

earlier, GU MVD in St. Petersburg and the region denied reports about the attack on the journalist.

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