The Deputy called the shameful pages of the St. Petersburg Parliament

Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Irina Ivanova in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” summed up their own results of work of the city Parliament, which he called scandalous.

According to her, the whole year is divided into the period before the pandemic and after. The first part was marked by the destruction of the CCM and of the “green revolt” for the preservation of parks, protected green spaces, monuments.

“don’t forget about the coronavirus. View, is the destruction of small business. Economic and financial unit are not able to agree with each other, who give support and who is not” — said the MP.

According to her, this affects not only the credibility of the Executive authorities responsible for decisions in a pandemic, but also on the legislators of St. Petersburg.

“People don’t distinguish the two branches of government. Of course, we looked in this respect, ugly, because the help was very little. Major support came from the Federal, — said Ivanov. — We have felt on my own skin, what is optimization of health care in all its glory, that allowed the last 10-15 years. Now we understand that the budget needs to go on medicine and its recovery in the first place.”

She mentioned several of the controversial laws, which were approved in the legislative Assembly, for example the idea to ban in St. Petersburg drinking establishments of less than 50 square meters.

“we Need to find a compromise between residents and business, and legal, fair, beautiful. One size fits no one’s ever cut. We are a special city. And that’s the way to treat… the ban was hundreds of healthy plants. For us, this famous institution. It’s a shame,” said the MP.

At the end of the speech she called the results of the year are disappointing, and the Parliament put “unsatisfactory”. In the fall, according to Ivanova, the people even more affected by the crisis.

Napothink, in St. Petersburg on 15 July was held the final meeting of the legislative Assembly on the eve of the parliamentary recess. The speaker Vyacheslav Makarov praised the activities of parliamentarians and the opposition offered to look for another country to revolution.

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