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The Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Yabloko accused Maxim Katz to work on the power

The Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Yabloko accused Maxim Katz to work on the power

In the camp of the capital of the opposition, the scandal erupted. Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of party “the Apple” Cyril Goncharov actually has convicted opposition politician Maxim Katz in lobbying and implementation of customized political objectives.

This information is contained in the video Kirill Goncharov, published on YouTube. Goncharov notes that unsuccessfully tried to bring Katz to the debate for three weeks, so decided to spend them in video, include your questions and snippets of video presentations Katz. The main, according to the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow “Yabloko”, is the question: “How appropriate representative of the opposition to take the authorities money for their political activities?”.

In particular, Goncharov notes that the Fund “City projects”, one of the founders of which is Katz, worked a contract for the promotion of the media image of the city tram, “concluded with “Uraltransmash”, owned by “Uralvagonzavod” whose employees “are threatening to beat the opposition at the meetings”. Also the representative “the Apple” referred to the historical connection of the interests of Katz and company “Trolza” (this is the only company that produced electric bus with dynamic recharging, advertised Katz project “Muscovites for the trolleybus”). It is remarkable that the opposition, as the video clips of his performances, does not deny that is willing to advertise and accept donations from Pro-government companies, including from “Crazy”.

potters Also reminded that during mass opposition rallies of 2011-2012 Katz urged his supporters not to take to the streets, and never himself did not organize any rally or picket. Except for one thing — for those trolleybuses “Trolza” that, according to Goncharov, is working out the order of power.

According to Kirill Goncharov, such dprocedure Maxim Katz cause reputational damage to the party “Yabloko”, and Katsu, you may want to try to recover, and to engage in commercial activities. He also said that Katz was expelled from “Yabloko” for attempting to seize power, and asked the question, not whether it and commercial project.

At the same time, says potters, the Duma Deputy Darya Besedinoy, which cooperates with Katz, is to get out of the “Urban projects” and stay in the party “Yabloko” in order to avoid conflict of interest, which must sooner or later arise.

the Roller did not go unnoticed among other members of the opposition. “Katz is afraid of a debate with me, and Goncharov, because we are ready to ask him a bunch of him uncomfortable questions that he doesn’t want to answer. I’m sure that says Kirill Goncharov Maxim Katz about only 1/10 and 1/30 of all stocks of this trendy Moscow urban”, — commented on his political scientist Nikolay Kavkazsky.

however, many authors of the Telegram channels sarcastically reacted to the Katz attempts to avoid uncomfortable debate with Goncharov. To these voices joined the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who has frequently adresovany claims Maxim Katz. “You fight for the post of Chairman of the “Yabloko”. You suddenly stopped liking the debate and open discussion of opinions?”, — ironically he said, census video Goncharova.

as a result, Katz, who has previously called claims Goncharova infighting in the ranks of the opposition, was forced to agree to a debate with him.

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