The Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Yabloko filed a SK the Deputy of the state Duma Lysakova

Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of party “the Apple” Cyril Goncharov said in his Telegram canal that has applied to the Investigative Committee with the request to check the information about the allegedly illegal activities of state Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lyssakov.

the statement refers to Goncharov published in an anonymous Telegram-channel “something Like this” correspondence allegedly Vyacheslav Lysakova and his attorney Dmitry Filipenko on the basis of which we can make the assumption that the Deputy was involved in questionable real estate transactions and the manipulation of taxes.

“I anything not specifically accuse Lysakova, and are asked to verify these facts the Investigative Committee, because on my film, videos and posts Vyacheslav Ivanovich just doesn’t react”, — stressed the potters.

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