The Deputy explained for whom the law on the three-day vote and what to do now

Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky believes that the law on multi-day voting will allow for manipulation of the election results. The MP invites constituents to fight and to “vote by their conscience and not on someone else’s mind.”

“three days of voting will be used in elections this September. The CEC head, Ella Pamfilova, was very much pleased with this form of determining the people’s will — say, “demand time”. We know whose this requirement: the time nothing to do with it,” wrote Wisniewski in social networks.

According to him, this requirement would be those “who by fair means do not elect more anywhere, and knows it”. “Those who may be elected only as a result of three days of voting, replacing the night all the ballots cast that day. And at the same time — removing all our real competitors,” he added.

However, the MP believes that it is early to fold your hand. “What now, after the enactment of the “three-day” to do? And not only in the elections this fall, but next? A: fight. To vote for those who deserve support — and not “just not United Russia”. To vote according to his conscience, and not on someone else’s mind,” he said.

Wisniewski emphasized that we should not come to vote in the first two days of “three-a-days”. “Your voice with a guarantee to be stolen,” he said.

the MP also offers “become observers and not to allow crooks to steal votes”. “Hard? Yes, it’s hard. But otherwise everything will remain as it is. And can be even worse,” he concluded.

we will Remind, this week the CEC posted in social networks survey, with Practica three-day vote. After the number of negative answers reaches 90%, the vote was removed. The Head Of The CEC Ellah Pamfilova explained that it was an accident. In Twitter there is a new poll. Against the proposal for a three-day vote were made by 93% of respondents.

However, the bill “stretched” the vote was approved by the Federation Council, and Pamfilova said that this format will be tested already in the elections in September.

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