The Deputy explained who provokes revolution

the Revolution does not provoke opposition-minded citizens, and the government. This was stated at the meeting of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Deputy Boris Vishnevsky. He criticized colleagues who supported the amendments to the Constitution, and believes that the events happening now will later be recognized as the time of troubles St. Petersburg parliamentarism.

“For much of what is happening, I think, would be a shame even for those who today vote for all these laws. It will happen, because all empires are destroyed not when they don’t have remarkable constitutions,” said Wisniewski.

According to him, the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire broke up, “when the authorities began to despise the people, began to treat him with hypocrisy and lying to him every day”, and as a result no support from him received.

“I have to be honest, the revolution, too, no longer wanted. I agree that the limit of the revolution have been exhausted. But the revolution does not provoke those who oppose amendments to the Constitution, not those who point the power of their mistakes, and not those who criticize it. Provokes their power when it belongs to the people through his lip, as subjects who are obliged to receive orders and to report on their implementation”, — said the MP.

He is convinced that if you change this state of Affairs, and the revolution is no more.

Earlier, the speaker of the city Parliament addressed the opposition and asked them to look for a revolution of another country.

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