The Deputy explained why the public sector propose to vote for the amendments earlier and in the workplace

Deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky said that “mass forced state employees to vote is the best proof that the administration is afraid and understands that the majority of citizens against the infamous reset, and lifetime of Putin’s rule”. Such a statement in the city Parliament he did after his colleague from “an United Russia” Denis Chetyrbok definitely say that St. Petersburg is ready to vote for amendments to the Constitution.

Wisniewski said that he is categorically against the amendments. He recalled that every day in social networks and the media publishes dozens of reports, like calling people to adhere to not vote at the place of residence and place of work, and ahead of schedule — on June 25-26.

“the city Administration launched a large-scale forcing state employees to vote for “abdulai”. The head of the cultural Committee Konstantin Sukhenko recently admitted publicly that gives instructions to organize voting at the place of work. Says, “what’s wrong? Need a turnout.” The mask dropped. In all senses. There is no need to pretend. And nothing to be ashamed of — it is necessary to provide the result, — said the Deputy. — Why chase to vote? Ashamed to suspect when quite sure the way to impunity to substitute ballots. That whole week will be available to those of the chairmen of election commissions that rewrote the protocols and ran away through the window with bags of ballots.”

the MP has noticed that we are talking about criminal charges 141 “obstructing the free exercise by a citizen of his right to participate in the national vote.” In addition, according to him, such actions violate article 60 of the Labour code and article 2 of the law “On the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation” according to which “nobody has the right to affect the citizen of the Russian Federation in order to force it to fateYu or not to participate in the national vote, and to prevent his free will”.

“In one of the institutions of the culture of the workers said: “You get a salary from the state, so please, follow the order, — said Wisniewski. — You can reset the terms of the President, by multiplying by zero on the right of citizens of the turnover of power. But never reset the epidemic: the virus does not obey authoritative orders. And the citizens obey them less, knowing how they are being deceived by zeroing”.

Previously, Wisniewski provided Pamfilova evidence of coercion of state employees to vote on the Constitution.

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