The Deputy explained why transport reform in St. Petersburg was moved to November 1, 2021

the St. Petersburg Authorities will take transport reform on November 1, 2021. Information to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” confirmed in the Committee on transport. About why their chosen date on his page “Vkontakte” explained the Deputy of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky.

“Everything is obvious: in September 2021 — elections to the state Duma and the legislative Assembly. And if the advance to deprive citizens of their comfortable minibuses, their dissatisfaction is guaranteed to show up at the elections. Need any better proof that this reform harmful and should be abolished?” — asks the MP.

According to the head of the transport Committee Kirill Polyakov, tenders for carriers will be announced in September this year, and by November, the city will begin to sign contracts for a period of 6 years. The companies-winners of the competitions by 1 November 2021 should be fully updated rolling stock.

earlier, it was assumed that Petersburg will move to a new model of organization of work of road passenger transport, by 15 July of this year. The reform involves the optimisation of the route network, the authorities intend to reduce duplicating routes 160 commercial passenger transport and to move to a new bus in a single color. In November last year the antitrust Agency found that the project is contrary to the law.

About the dangers of reform, has repeatedly said Boris Vishnevsky, and representatives of “Fair Russia” has asked the Prosecutor General to check the project for corruption.

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