The Deputy of Moscow city Council proposed a draft-decree on the abolition of the pension reform

Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Eugene Stupin suggested at the meeting in the MHD project, the decision to abolish the pension reform. In his opinion, women should retire at Russia, as before, at the age of 55, men at 60 years. The MP added that the abolition of the pension reform will require additional money — about 1.6 trillion rubles. Stupin said that the state of these tools is — they lie in the Reserve Fund. Recall that from 1 January 2019 entered into force amendments to the pension legislation. In particular, the gradual (until 2028) raising the retirement age for men from 60 to 65 years, for women 55 to 60 years. Pension reform has caused mixed reactions in society, but the authorities said that it was inevitable.

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