The Deputy of Moscow city Council urged city residents to come and take the test for antibodies to the coronavirus

a Simple PCR-based test consisting of a smear from the mucous of nasopharynx, not always shows the coronavirus. Better diagnosed COVID-19 using the antibody, said the chief of the capital’s polyclinic № 3 Elena Semishina, part of the Moscow city Duma (MHD).

According to her, the antibody test detects asymptomatic, mild and medium degree of infection with coronavirus — and if the infection two weeks later.

“During this time, the coronavirus could fall into the lungs, and a conventional PCR test can also detect. If the patient has IgM antibodies, then it’s infected and not even having any symptoms can be dangerous for others”, — quotes Samyshina AGN “Moscow”.

the MP called on Muscovites from IgM to “cure for maintaining health and isolation to limit the spread of the virus”.

If the patient is already ill, then he has manifested IgG antibodies and become immune, “there are no restrictions on him imposed will not,” said the Deputy MHD.

She urged moscice to make a contribution to the fight against the pandemic, having come and passed the specified test.

it is Expected that the antibody tests will pass from 3 to 6 million inhabitants of the capital, which is now invited to the clinic via e-mail or SMS. Those wishing to take the test next week will be able to enroll in it yourself.

city Hall, according to Samyshina, “on the basis of the obtained data will be able to make decisions about the possibility of further easing of epidemic restrictions.”

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